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Changing for happiness!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Many people want the situation to change by changing the people who are involved. If you want the situation to change you are going to have to change in the situation.

What is going to be your first change? Your attitude!!

Your attitude drives everything. Attitude is the common denominator in this series of blogs. I like the fact we are talking about attitude that delivers the results. The good news is that you are in control of your attitude. You can change your attitude. If that is the case then whatever your attitude is in the way of, you can begin to make changes in your life.

The bad news, it’s going to take work and discipline. That is bad news to some people because this might not be a part of your current lifestyle. The other bad news is that probably won’t be any immediate repercussions to you not doing what it is going to take to make your news skills a habit.

Therefore the good news is it is all up to you and the bad news is it is all up to you. Can you be trusted in your hands? I believe you can. Why? I did it and continue to have do it. I have made a living that way and the result has been enriched relationships, peace or mind, a purpose driven life and all of my visions.

I have one more piece of news for you. The person we are going to be working on in this blog series is you. You may not think that is significant. It is. You may be reading this blog to learn how to fix your boss, child, wife, best friend, neighbor or peer. This blog is geared towards fixing yourself, so that you can be happy. In other words, you are the person that will make yourself happy.


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