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Inside out living

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

All monumental changes are fueled from the inside.

Inside vs outside

Does your inside match your outside?

My sister has always been happy from the inside. Her happiness projects outwardl.

Ponder the questions below to assess your inside matches your outside behavior:

  1. What happens when you have huge monumental changes in your life?

  2. What anchors you in challenging times?

  3. Who are you when you don’t get what is especter?

Your purpose in life anchors you

You are designed and have natural born talents

Waking up every day knowing whichdirec you should be going, gives you a reason to get up

It gives you something to live for and allows you to have the sense of purpose and accomplishments.

Just existing will strangle youR existence. You will feel like you are drowning and wasting away. Not being anchored will allow you to drift. You may get attracted to what you see or what you are told, which may be other people‘s purpose for you not youR own. Some people use external things to make them happy.

Inside job is about discovering what is deep inside you.

About letting your inside compass then direct your steps.

This tells you how to spend your time, energy and what to do and what not to do. Inside job allows you to make mistakes and then jump the next hurdle, because hurdles become just that … the finish line is the goal.

Even if you fall you get up, because you are not finished your goal.

Run your own race don’t compare.

You should run your own race, because if you look to the left and right in compariso, you don’t know what is going on with their inside job. They have a purpose driven life too, but it is their race in their time with their hurdles. If I say I am supposed to be further along like him that means I am running his race not mine.

If I say I am further ahead by looking behind, no that goes on the no-no list, because when I was running track you lost time by looking behind, you want to just keep running.

We all need to run toward something.

Moving toward your purpose starts with a clear vision and then a decision to step forward.

Your daily actions become cumulative and then gain ground and experience toward success. Once you experience success with your dreams and goals it will show you, it is not a dream but your goals and dreams are doable.

We all love to know what it feels like to reach for and achieve goals. Inside job defines reaching for new things with purpose. Inside job clearly defines what it takes to get there and tells you to step forward to get there. It will help you shy you away from unwise decisions that will detour you. It allows you to be so clearly defined it becomes easier to move forward with confidence and it makes your journey happy and fulfilling

Life can be pretty confusing without your purpose coming from within.

Without your purpose coming from within, you can be attracted to anything, Your life can take on the purpose and direction of others. When you are living out the life others have design for you it wear you down and you feel confused, depressed and sometime rebellious toward that person whose life you are living out.

Living your purpose-driven life can be easier said than done.

Finding out what is within you is the key.

Happiness is easier when it is coupled with what you are designed to do.

Answers the following questions:

  1. What are your natural talents?

  2. What have you dreamed of doing?

  3. What puts a smile on your face every time you think of doing it?

  4. What put s a smile on your face every time you do it?

  5. What thing or things do you do that you can do for hours and never get tired?

  6. What just feels right when you do it?

Look over these answers and the spend the time to define your purpose from these answers.

Write down what you are supposed to do over the next section, do not stop. Don’t hold yourself back.

Stepping forward.

Failing is only not taking a step

I love when I am walking into the unknown, because I have learned on the journit’s that I have been on the light shines sometimes just far enough for me to see the next step, but my purpose lets me know which direction to head. I move without a roadmap, but more with a compass. The steps don’t have to be 100 percent certain, because I know that I am headed the right way and somethings are not developed yet. The next steps will be revealed when the time is right.

Walking in your destiny.

It amazing how everything becomes aligned when you are walking in your destiny.

When you are doing what you loved.

When you look back you are only then allowed to see the impossibility of your achievements

Putting it all into action.

Now you know what you want to do and what you want to achi Eve?

Getting from here to there

Many of us have had the goals listed below.

Goal Define Success

Current Weight Less Weight

Debt Debt free or less debt

New Business Customer base increased

Higher Education New Degree or Certification

Unhappy Happiness

First you should define your what success looks like for you. This is where you cannot have anyone define this for you. This has to be an inside job,

Goal - Increased Sales

Success defined -

Ex. Increased sales from 120 k to 190 k by exposing my business to 16 customers a month. Closing sales of 20k per month instead of 10k per month. By December of 20XX.

Definition has to include what action you are going to take, otherwise it is so big and vague it will alloa to procrastinat.

Procrastination happens, because you are not sure what you are supposed to be doing right now. Working on everything else but this - busy work. You don’t know what to do, so you are just doing something.

Taking the next steps.

What should I be doing with my week that aligns with the my success defined? There are so many distractions today that can consume your day, but not allowings time for the importance of dedicating time to take the next steps.

Prepare you journey by first heading the right direction and next mapping the way.

The journey

It your GPS said 3 hrs and there is a road block, that wouldn’t make you cancel your trip immediately. You would probably keep going, you may take a different route or stop and get something to eat But you would start again. Success is about starting again, not a perfect route. In achieving new heights there is no such thing as perfect route. There is starting again, revising, honing, gaining experience, but not a perfect route.

Again the rear view mirror helps in future barriers, but it leads to apprehension on your current journey,


Small success in a new or long journey can be a catalyst that encourages and teaches along the way.

What milestones exist on your new journey?

Define some of your milestones for the success that you define.

Incentives are key And reward yourself accordingl.

Example: New customer = ice cream

Higher Sales in February than January because of new customers = dinner for the team

Remember the work it takes to make change and reach new heights takes work that is cumulative.

Working sporadically gains you nothing. It will only frustrate you and allows you to assure yourself that your goal is impossible. Many things were impossible until there were possible by the first person who achieved it.

Take the steps consistently - even when you don’t see an immediate gain. Some gains are not evident on the outside, but it is working on the inside.

Make wise decisions - based off long term defined success.

Shortcuts lead to just that short temporary results but can damage the long-term effect you are trying to achieve. Shortcuts have no place in inside jobs. You will benefit from the wise decisions. Wise decisions can be duplicated to achieve more. Wise decisions lead to trust - you will trust yourself more and others will trust what they see and not have to rely on what just comes out of your mouth.

Don't go for fool's gold..

You can have what you desire in life. Some of your goals and dreams require an inside job.

Work from the inside and watch the magic in life.


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