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Life Fulfillment

3 words Pleasure, Passion and Purpose.

Many people find pleasure in outward things. This pleasure will fill a temporary stimulus that mimics the happiness that comes from purpose. The challenge with starting with pleasure is that each time I want to feel that same happiness, I must seek that pleasure again. For most I must seek that pleasure at a higher level to achieve the same level of satisfaction. Outside stimulation can be dangerous when it is not readily available or requires immoral ways to achieve it.

Passion is normally where you will discover your gifts. When you don‘t get tired doing the thing you love and have natural abilities to achieve it. The effort is easier than simple pleasure and has a deeper sense of satisfaction. You add value by using your gifts to make contributions to others.

Purpose is pursuing something bigger than you. When you can create somethings that others need or can use. Adding value to the world you are living in. There is a deep satisfaction that comes from inward and projects outward with this type of contribution. Your focus is on serving for a deeper meaning.

To achieve fulfillment let‘s work these 3 words in reverse.

Pursue purpose first by serving and contributing to others. Fit your passion into your purpose by using your natural gifts and talents to achieve that contribution. This will fulfill your pleasure stimulus from the inside out.

If we harness these three words in the order mentioned above, Purpose, Passion then Pleasure, we will no longer need to buy vacations, homes, things or hang out with people to fulfill a very temporary euphoric state. Happiness will not come from others or things. Happiness is a byproduct feeling useful. Usefulness leads to fulfillment.

The fulfillment will be long lasting and grounded in what you were designed to do with your one precious life!

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This speaks volumes to me and affirms what I live by as a core belief. Purpose, passion and pleasure aligned correctly will deliver fulfillment every time. This is a powerful truth that lends itself as a guidepost to a satisfying and productive life.

Beverly Gibson

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