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Living a life that counts

Our life has a beginning and an end.

Look at some tombstones it shows the year someone was born then a dash then the year someone is no longer living.

In between your birth and death is a dash on some tombstones.

I have questions for you.

1. What are you going to do with your Dash?

2. How is your life is counting?

3. What is the difference is your life making on others, the world, work, home?

4. Are you using your natural gifts to help others?


5. Are you just existing?

You have the privilege of being able to impact others’ lives

We have a wonderful opportunity to have an impact on others’ lives.

Be thankful for the privilege and opportunity of life.

Don’t get caught complaining through your one precious life

If you impact one person’s life positively, would that make a difference i this world? It would make a difference to that person who could then impact someone else. This ripple effect can be very powerful.

Your outside is a reflection of what is on the inside. Decide what your reflection is going to be then put the work behind it to constantly improve so the inside matches the outside.

Define your purpose; use your passions to fulfill your purpose. Focus on serving others.

Maximize your gifts to make your life count.


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