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Living Unmasked

Changing to please people is one example of putting on a mask.

Living without masks is about getting rid of the shortcuts in personal growth and investing the time in truly knowing yourself, so the real and best you can be revealed. It is difficult and takes time to understand our personality, but living without masks goes beyond knowing our surface personality traits. It takes understanding what is deeply rooted in us, what makes us act the way we do and understanding some common principles that helps us get along with others . It helps us maintain true happiness even in situations that do not go our way. Living without masks is about being comfortable with the unguarded you and being comfortable letting others live without their masks. Not expecting others to take on your personality traits or values just to make you comfortable.

Many of us want to appear a certain way. We have a picture of how we want others to see us and view us. Without the work, that is wearing a mask. It is easy to disguise who we are with masks. It is seems easy to hide what we don’t want people to know.

Many of us have a vision and idea of how things should work. How things should turn out and the results we want.

Living without masks also requires you to be more relatable with others because it is impossible not to deal with other people.

Personal growth doesn’t have a grand commencement ceremony like a traditional school; however, there are similar rewards. You feel great when you pass tests and advanced past challenges that you may not have passed before. Accomplishment and fulfillment are great feelings. Let’s put an effort and focus towards improving our personal life and character then it will grow. Let’s concentrate on moving forward. We are all on a path somewhere. Let’s decide to move forward.

New Perspective,

This challenge wasn’t put here to defeat me, but to refine me. It was put here to teach me how to deal with this area in my life. This is not coincidence. You are being challenged in the very area that you need to grow.

Everyone has expectations

What are your answers to the questions below?

1. Who are you when you don't get what you expected?

2. What happens when you don't get you expected?

3. Who do you want to be when you don’t get what is expected?

4. Would you like to have emotional stability during disappointments?


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