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Assume good intentions with others

Carrying a grudge, offended, anger all weigh you down. It can lead to having a chip on your shoulder. Too many chips have to be carried in a bag. Too many bags has us walking around with baggage. Baggage impedes your unwritten future. Do not let baggage of yesterday impede tomorrow. Relationships deserve the future to be written as it comes. Building bridges in relationships is far less taxing then remembering yesterday as if it is the truth of tomorrow.

Build bridges not fences. If you are carrying around planks "of fences" (offenses) then handle each of offense one by one in this way. Pick it up and then state it and then drop it and then move on! Be free - do not be shackled by the weaknesses of others that becomes offensive to you.

You have history (the past) and then you have the story of your life (from now forward). Many people give up their future by letting history repeat itself.

Offensive people are here to stay. Assume good intent, do write the script for others that doesn't exist. Assuming good intent is a maturity in relationships that attributes to your freedom. I am no longer bound by how others feel that day or how they treat me!


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