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Focus on what you control!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Many of us know to concentrate on what you control, but applying this principle can be a challenging. One of the things that help me remember this key principle is a physical reminder.

Take to containers - One labeled "I control the outcome" the other labeled "I do not control the outcome". When faced with situations that are frustrating, confusing, or where I feels stuck.

Write down the situation on a sticky note and place it in the correct container. This lets me know how to proceed. If i control the outcome then I need to write down possible solutions. If I do not control the outcome then I need to tell myself to take the follow 3 steps.

1. Accept - accept I do not control the outcome

2. Adapt - ask myself what can I do

3. Move on - don't stay stuck - now it is time to move forward

I have used the two container method for years to accomplish the following:

- Reduce stress

- Gain perspective

- Increase happiness

#Control vs. no control


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